About Me


Known aliases: Marge, Margie, Junior, Peggy, Margarite, Margarita, Mags, Maggie, Grape Juice, Welch, Mrs. George Clooney, Gret, Large Marge, Margaret Mary Mary, Margo, Argy, M, Mrs. Jack Bauer… AKA Margaret Welch. (#NameDrop)

People say to me a lot, “you have the best laugh!” I can’t really do it justice typing it so you’ll just have to take my word for it. But if I could type it, I would type it really fast…over 120 words per minute kinda fast–thank you Mavis Beacon.

I’ve never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fun fact. I’m a juggler in training who can only train once every few months because I get discouraged and ashamed of my ineptitude.

Finally, and some may say most importantly, I’m the greatest Tetris player this side of the Mississippi…and the other side as well. Challenge me if you wish but you will lose…and you may cry. I won’t think any less of you.


…Oh, hey! Didn’t see ya there.


I’m Marge. This is me


Notice the glitter lamp and disco ball behind me in this pic. Yes those are mine and you can purchase your very own at “5 Below” (not a paid spokesperson..but willing to be).

I started working at the movie theatre in 2009 at the innocent age of 19. I wish I had taken a picture of myself on the day before my first day…to capture that happy young girl, full of life. That sweet, care-free lass would never recognize the shell of a human being that theatre turned me into.

Sure it seems glamorous on the outside. I got to watch unlimited free movies; eat all the popcorn and drink all the soda I wanted; all while getting paid! Ahh, the high life. But behind the scenes the theatre is a very dark and scary place where dreams are shattered and corpses lie.

Luckily I made it out about a year ago when I started my full time job as a video editor in the hustlin’ bustlin’ city o’ Manhattan. But the memories from that place still haunt me and I’m hoping that by writing about my time there along with new experiences I have, I can expel those demons and the nightmares will stop.

Haha, but you don’t know me that well yet and this over-exaggerated sarcasm and dramatic antics may be misconstrued as delusional and scary. So for now I’ll just say “‘Ello there govnars!”

I’m looking forward to you getting to know me.

Welcome to the Mind o’ Marge 🙂