The Tale of the Vegan Ice Cream


I was eating yogurt today and had one of my PTSD flashbacks. It’s 2012 and I’m at the dementor…I mean the theatre ——–

“I’m a lawyer, but I also studied medicine.” I was standing in my manager’s get-up listening to this ridiculous rant about our outside food policy by an obnoxious, loud bitch.

I told her she couldn’t come into the theatre with Cold Stone ice cream– a decision that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

In her dramatic Jersey accent, she explained (ranted) that in Jersey it was illegal to deny food and she didn’t know how we ran things in the “empire state” but she wasn’t going to stand for it.

She took out her phone and snapped a picture of 1 of our 10 signs that say, NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK PERMITTED. “This is evidence for the class action lawsuit  I’m going to file and you (she looks at my name tag), Mrs. Welch — MS., I correct her — You Ms. Welch, will be the name on the suit.”

Contrary to popular belief, I really don’t give a damn if you bring outside food in. I advise people to hide stuff in their pockets and bags all the time. But when you walk through the lobby in front of all six cameras with a huge monstrosity of an ice cream, with fireworks and a ferris wheel coming out the top, and 500 other customers who can’t bring in outside food are looking…I have to stop you.

But this self proclaimed “vegan” (I found out later vegans can’t have milk…one key ingredient in ice cream?…Milk) needs to tell her whole story and oh so educated opinion. She refuses to feed her child “genetically engineered” food…did you know they put food coloring on apples? And because of this healthy diet of ice cream and other vegan foods, her son will never be obese. He’s mentally ahead of the curve…this she says as the kid falls flat on his face, gets up, and starts humping her leg.

I wanted to just tell her I’ll make an exception, she could just go in. I no longer cared about my job or life for that matter. But she never. Took. A. Breath. She never stopped yapping for even two seconds.

Finally my General Manager walked over. We had to avoid eye contact with each other to avoid bursting out in laughter as she ranted that cancer was a man-made disease. Did I mention she’s a doctor AND a lawyer?

She’s just looking out for her son’s well being. This said while her kid wandered back into the packed lobby unattended. A very, VERY large man walked over to little Timmy and picked him up. “Ma’am, your son…” “Oh that’s fine, that’s his father.” Oh…clearly vegan is working for him.

After 20 minutes of listening to this doctor/lawyer Jersey resident, finally she let us talk. “Ma’am it’s our policy but we can make an exception this time and let you in.”

All of a sudden her righteous civic responsibility to right this horrible wrong we’ve been committing went out the window. No more lawyer/doctor talk. The biddy got what she want. So her mouth went quiet.

Only upside? Her ice cream was melted and her movie had started 10 minutes ago. Bye-Bye Ms. Jersey doctor-lawyer. Enjoy your movie. Don’t choke on your (not)vegan ice cream.

I suppose it’s a better ending than the grown 40-something year old woman who was so upset about the policy that she threw the ice cream onto our carpet in the middle of a packed lobby…but that story’s for another day.




“Money is the best deodorant.” – Elizabeth Taylor Image

Imagine coming face to face with 1,500 human beings in a span of about 90 minutes with 8 employees and 2 other managers at your side. That’s 1,500 vs. 11. That’s about 136 customers per staff member, but since I was a manager no matter who the customer dealt with first…when they wanted to vent or argue or yell or complain or sometimes even cry, they weren’t content with just speaking to a 16 year old in a polo. Nope…they would utter the six words I dread more than anything in the world. The six words that still can make my insides crawl and my stomach turn…The six words, “Can I speak to a manager?!”

Now I’ve never listened to nails on a chalk board or cats being slammed against a brick wall…but i imagine those sounds are like listening to Mozart compared to those six dreadful words.

The memory is so vivid, just thinking about it now has me right there back at the theatre.

My blood pressure starts rising and I can immediately feel my heart pounding in my ears. Time stands still as I slowly find the will to turn around. “I’m a manager,” I say in a nice happy voice with a smile…a smile that will soon be ripped from my face as quickly as I faked it on.

“Well you’re obviously not a very good one!” And there it is. The beginning of the end. Of course I can’t respond the way I want to, the way I was hard-wired to respond when another human being treats me like a worthless cretan and pokes me while screaming an inch away from my face. God forbid I yell back at a customer to kiss my ass…something I longed to say every day for the 7 years I worked in customer service hell, heavens to betsy no!

“Well sir, I’m sorry to hear you’re unhappy. What’s wrong?” That’s what I say on the outside. But in my mind I’m reaching over the counter and slamming his head against the glass candy display case watching the blood drip into the Goobers (I do miss the Goobers).

“Oh you wanna know what’s wrong? I’ll tell you what’s wrong!! You’re concessionist charged my son $4.25 for a bottle of water! Don’t you dipshits know how to count back change?!” (Now please keep in mind these words were screamed at me with a generous amount of spit flying from the gaping hole in this asshole’s face.)

I brace myself. Because as always, I forsee the next few minutes of my life happening before they actually do. The guy’s pissed…obviously. But I know he’s going to be even MORE pissed when he hears my response. So I stay silent for a brief second…taking a breath and enjoying the second of silence before the storm clouds burst and set the world on fire.

“Well sir. (Yes I called the douche sir.) My concessionist did give the right amount of change. A 20 oz. bottle of Dasani water is $4.75. If you’d like, I can take the bottle back and issue you a refund.”

Yes my blood was flowing with adrenaline and my face a bit red…a casualty of being Irish. But I swear to Cher that how I responded to this guy was nothing short of nice and understanding.

How dare you.” The disgust in his voice sends a shiver down my spine. I start to wonder, have I killed a member of this man’s family? I must have to be looked at with the hatred that was in this fella’s eyes.

“Well sir, I apologize fo–” Nope, Marge. Good effort, great effort actually. But we both know you’re not getting another word in during this conversation.

HOW DARE YOU!!! Who the HELL do you think you are?! What the fuck gives you the right to charge that kind of money for a God damn water bottle?! A water bottle!!! Water is free! How do you sleep at night knowing you are charging good, hard-working Americans that much for WATER! It’s a disgrace! You’re a fuckin disgrace!!!”

He catches his breath and wipes the sweat from his brow. A little bit of an audience starts to gather around him. I retreat to that little place in my brain where I go to hide from douches like this and I play out the scenario how I want it to go —

As the man sucks in a mouthful of air to continue his tirade I hold my hand up to silence him. “Sir. Look at this suit jacket. It was 40 bucks at WalMart…$20 more than I had wanted or intended on spending on a God damn suit jacket I’ll never wear anywhere but here. These black shoes are from Payless, and although claim to be slip-resistant…I’ve slipped on oil/soda/butter/icee and face planted enough times in concession that I’m pretty sure I have permanent brain damage. My dress pants are ripped at the bottoms and this t-shirt underneath the jacket? … $5 at Old Navy. Now I can’t say for sure where a CEO shops or what brand suit jacket a VP of Operations fancies…but I can pretty much guarantee he doesn’t have duct tape covering a hole at the bottom of his right sneaker. SO please…let me just ask you…WHAT about my entire appearance or position here at a Westchester movie theatre, makes you believe that I have ANYTHING whatsoever in any form or in any way to do with any decisions regarding this multi-billion dollar company. Please! Tell me!

I have NOTHING to do with the prices so how dare YOU scream at me like that! You wanna know how they can charge $4.75 for a water bottle? It’s quite simple and takes very little, if any, knowledge of economics to explain. BECAUSE YOU IDIOTS BUY IT.

Is $4.75 for 20 ounces of water 100% ridiculous? Absolutely. We have a water fountain right outside your auditorium that’s free. Is it absurd to sell you something you can get for free at a mark up of about 1million%? Without a doubt. But the company isn’t stupid for charging it…they’re brilliant. You guys are the dipshits who buy everything we sell at this place! Because guess what…every week we get a shipment of 20 cases of water that go in our stock room and every week I watch as that stock is depleted faster and faster. It ain’t disappearing bro…it’s being sold…to you idiots who have already spent over $50 just to take your family to see The Muppets 3D which is probably going to suck anyway!!

So sir, turn that finger around and point it at yourself and look in the mirror as you spray spit all over the place in your fit of fury because if it wasn’t for you and all the schmucks in this town like you…the water wouldn’t be so expensive. I have nothing to do with it so take your anger and unhappy life elsewhere!

Of course I say none of this. I swallow a huge gulp of my pride, dignity and happiness and feel it flow to my soul, eroding it.
I apologize. I offer to take the water bottle back for a refund and I apologize again. It has to be over right?

“It’s because YOU’RE greedy! You know what you are?!”
“No sir what?”

Yep…that’s what he said to me…word for word. Clearly half the money made on 20 oz. water bottles lines my pocket and pays for that fancy 1996 Dodge Caravan I’ve got parked out back.

I watch him walk off in a huff as steam rises from the top of his head. Notice…he didn’t return the water bottle. He kept it, therefore continuing the cycle. Little does he know prices are raising a quarter soon. Haha.

And people wonder why I drink.

…Oh, hey! Didn’t see ya there.


I’m Marge. This is me


Notice the glitter lamp and disco ball behind me in this pic. Yes those are mine and you can purchase your very own at “5 Below” (not a paid spokesperson..but willing to be).

I started working at the movie theatre in 2009 at the innocent age of 19. I wish I had taken a picture of myself on the day before my first day…to capture that happy young girl, full of life. That sweet, care-free lass would never recognize the shell of a human being that theatre turned me into.

Sure it seems glamorous on the outside. I got to watch unlimited free movies; eat all the popcorn and drink all the soda I wanted; all while getting paid! Ahh, the high life. But behind the scenes the theatre is a very dark and scary place where dreams are shattered and corpses lie.

Luckily I made it out about a year ago when I started my full time job as a video editor in the hustlin’ bustlin’ city o’ Manhattan. But the memories from that place still haunt me and I’m hoping that by writing about my time there along with new experiences I have, I can expel those demons and the nightmares will stop.

Haha, but you don’t know me that well yet and this over-exaggerated sarcasm and dramatic antics may be misconstrued as delusional and scary. So for now I’ll just say “‘Ello there govnars!”

I’m looking forward to you getting to know me.

Welcome to the Mind o’ Marge 🙂